VIP and GM Game Registration is Open

Our VIPs and GMs can now sign up for games. General attendee game registration will open in a few days. The schedule is available for viewing by all, but for our VIPs and GMs get first swipe at the games.

There are more games coming, so fret not. We are looking at having a full schedule this year, partially due to the reduces number of tables, but mostly because of earlier submissions by our GMs. There are several games waiting to be scheduled, including the Pathfinder and Adventurer League games. These games appear on the downloadable block schedule, but they have not been loaded into the system as of yet. We are working with the respective coordinators to get this done, so they should be available very soon.

Likewise, the panels are being loaded into the system, as well. Those should be scheduled shortly.

In order to sign up for a game, simply find the game in the on-line schedule, and click the "add to my schedule" link. This will, well, add the game to your schedule. Like last year, we are tracking the order in which folks sign up. Those who sign up after the capacity has been reached will be considered to be on the waiting list for the game. If the other players do not show, you will be added to the game at the GMs discretion.

Keep an eye out for more games as they are made available.