Registering for Games

Registration Now Open for All Attendees

That's it. Registration is open for everyone now, so get in there and sign up for games.

Important... Read This!

The capacity for each room or table is listed with each session. The list of attendees is in the order in which they signed up for the session. That means any attendees above the table capacity is considered to be on the wait list and will be seated if the other attendees do not show, at the gamemaster's discretion. If the capacity of a table is 6 (as many of them are) attendees 7 on up are on the wait list.

More Games on the Way

Procrastinators are going to procrastinate. As we get closer to the event date, more folks sign up. This includes GMs. So don't fret if the game you want isn't available, there are more on the way.

The How To

It's really simple. If you see a game you like, click on the link that says "Add to my Schedule". That's it. If the link is not available for the one of the games on the list it's because the game is full. If you really want to be in that game at this point, you'll need to loom creepily in the background when the game starts. If there's room the GM might let you in. If there's not, room, then you're out of luck. Maybe it's time to find or start a pick-up game.

And then there's this...

In order to make things easier for our attendees, our Benevolent Chango has commanded requested we provide a downloadable version of our schedule. So, with that, we need to lay a few ground rules.

  • The schedule is still being built. This means we don't have all of our games listed yet. The panels, as we know them today, are pretty much done, but these are subject to change also.
  • The schedule can change at any minute. We try to keep changes in scheduled sessions to a minimum (Chango bites us each time we make a change) but that doesn't mean we can't or won't change it.
  • This is provided as a convenience (and so we can avoid the wrath of Chango) and will lag behind updates to the online schedule.

The online schedule rules them all. So, when in doubt, defer to the schedule on our website and remember the downloadable schedule may be a little out of date.

So, without further ado, click here to download the schedule.

Fri, 12 May 2017

2:00pm to 3:00pm