Chupacabracon IV Registration


This is where you register for Chupacabracon. By registering you will get entrance into the convention. There are several levels of registration; regular admission, VIP, GM, and volunteer. You can read more about each below.

Pre Registration has closed:

Well, we are the day before the convention. We are all very excited and busily getting things ready for all the gaming fun that is Chupacabracon. This includes the printing of the pre-registered badges. This also means that we've shut down pre-reg. So, at this point, all registration will need to happen at our registration desk on-site. But, don't worry. There is still plenty of room available, so come out and play.


Ticket Type From To Price
Early Goat January 1st, 2017 February 28th, 2017 $40.00
General Admission March 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $50.00



January 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $100.00
Student (with valid ID) January 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $40.00
Gamemaster January 1st, 2017 March 31st, 2017 Free
Late Gamemaster April 1st, 2017 April 30, 2017 $10.00
Last Minute Gamemaster May 1st, 2017 May 10th, 2017 $20.00
Friday Only January 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $20.00
Saturday Only January 1st, 2017 May 13th, 2017 $30.00
Sunday Only January 1st, 2017 May 14th, 2017 $15.00