Chupacabracon IV Registration


This is where you register for Chupacabracon. By registering you will get entrance into the convention. There are several levels of registration; regular admission, VIP, GM, and volunteer. You can read more about each below.

For our GMs we're doing a couple things different. First off, we still need you to run 8 hours worth of scheduled games. For that you still get in free... if you register and get us the games before April. April 1st a GM badge is going to cost $10. If you wait until May, the cost will $20. So, as much as we want your money, we want your games more. Please register early, help us build an awesome roster of games, and save some money.

The other thing we're doing differently for GMs is getting information for one game when you register. You will need to have some basic information about your game when you register as a GM. We need the title, a summary, the game system, and if it's organized play. If you are registering for organized play and you don't know what you'll be running yet, simply enter the name of the organization and "TBD". That way you still get credit for signing up in a timely manner.

Once you enter the game information and complete registration you'll see the game in the "My Games" tab on your account page. There's still information that we need that our system is being frustratingly resistant to excepting at registration. You'll need to go into the game and update some of the information in there; such as maximum number of players, preferred times, and a few other things. You can also create new games from that tab. So, if you're planning on running more than one game, you can add more there.

Attention Adventurers League and Pathfinder Society GMs:

We have a special registration type for you at the bottom of the page, the Organized Play GM ticket. Our other GMs will be charged a nominal fee for registration as of April 1st. This is to encourage them to sign up and submit games early and to discourage last-minute GM sign ups. However, since we are making your organizers set up your games, you don't have to worry about that. Once we get the games for your respective OP organization posted, make sure you are listed as the GM for, at least, two of them. Anyone not signed up to run 8 hours of games will be pestered mercilessly until they are. It's a thing we do. Chango makes us.

For the rest of you, Game sign ups will begin in April. Our VIPs get to sign up early. Stay tuned for more information as we have it.

Ticket Type From To Price
Early Goat January 1st, 2017 February 28th, 2017 $40.00
General Admission March 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $50.00
VIP January 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $100.00
Student (with valid ID) January 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $40.00
Gamemaster January 1st, 2017 March 31st, 2017 Free
Late Gamemaster April 1st, 2017 April 30, 2017 $10.00
Last Minute Gamemaster May 1st, 2017 May 10th, 2017 $20.00
Friday Only January 1st, 2017 May 12th, 2017 $20.00
Saturday Only January 1st, 2017 May 13th, 2017 $30.00
Sunday Only January 1st, 2017 May 14th, 2017 $15.00


General Admission


This is your ticket to the greatest analog gaming convention in the world, ever! If your world is limited to the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area and ever is limited May 12th to 14th of 2017. I mean, we're good, but...


What you get with this admission is entry into Chupacabracon for all three days, on-line game registration, and access to the gaming rooms and vendor area. Well, and we'll let you be in the lobby area. Maybe the restrooms, but there's still some contention about this. I'm all for it. But, Chango, he's all like, "why can't they just go outside like any other mammal?" But we're all like, "Chango, sir, that will just get messy and, well, we're pretty sure it's illegal." So, between you and me, the restrooms should be a go.



This is the ticket that makes you extra special. You'll get all of the benefits of the general admission ticket, plus access to the green room to mingle with our guests and access to special, VIP only events. Oh, and you'll definitely have access to the restrooms.

Late Game Master


Volunteer to run games at Chupacabracon. When you volunteer to run 8 hours worth of games we'll give you a reduced entry.

Important Policy Changes for 2017:

  • Register early and we'll comp the admission all together.
  • If you wait to April to register it'll cost you $10 to get in
  • If you wait to the last minute (May) it'll cost you $20
  • Have your game information ready when you register. You must enter information for one game in order to complete GM registration

We have to do this to encourage you to get your games in early. For the past three years, many GMs have waited until the last minute to get their games in and, as such, we've gotten a lot of complaints from the other attendees about the schedule coming out at the last minute. So, get in early, save some cash moneys, and help us get the schedule put together long before the event proper.

Chupacabracon IV Volunteer


Volunteer to help out for 8 hours and get in free.

Organized Play Game Master


This is the registration for our organized play GMs. If you're running games for D&D Adventures League or Pathfinder, this is the one for you. Since your OP coordinator is managing the games, we won't force you to provide one to register. The rules still apply, though. You have to run 8 hours of games.



For students, in high school or college, looking to learn about games, gaming, anf having a little fun doing so. A valid student ID required at the door.