Talzhemir Mrr
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Talzhemir is the artist and co-creator of FURCADIA, listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the world's oldest multiplayer online social game. She is also the co-designer of TWERPS (The World's Easiest Role-Playing System; Gamescience),...

Anne-Marie DeWitt
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Anne-Marie De Witt is the Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Fireside Games with her husband and CCO, Justin De Witt. Prior to joining Fireside, she worked as the Vice President of product development at an educational publishing company. In...

Justin DeWitt
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Justin De Witt is the Chief Creative Officer and co-owner of Fireside Games with his wife and CEO, Anne-Marie De Witt. Justin has been making games since he was old enough to use scissors. Since then he’s gone on to work in animation, multimedia...

Mark Carroll
Freelance Writer
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Mark began gaming at the age of 10 - his first formal group were ex-convicts playing Pacesetter's CHILL. From there it's all been uphill.

What started as a hobby turned into a career in 2003, when he freelanced for Alderac...

Jennifer Baughman
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Dennis Sustare
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Dr. Dennis Sustare is the designer of the original druid rules for D&D, as well as the RPG games Bunnies & Burrows, Swordbearer, Heroes of Olympus, and scenarios for Runequest, Paranoia, Swords & Wizardry, and others. He was Principal...

George Vasilakos
Eden Studios
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George Vasilakos is President and Art Director of Eden Studios.

George has been the art director and graphic designer for Last Unicorn Games, Wizards of the Coast and Decipher, working on the Star Trek and Lord of the Rings RPGs....

Russell Zimmerman
Wordsmith Games
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Russell Zimmerman cut his teeth writing for wargames like Spinespur and Warmachine, then fell in with the go-gangs and megacorps of Shadowrun for years.  He's branched out with side...

Jerry Blakemore
12 to Midnight
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Jerry Blakemore is one of the founding members of 12 to Midnight. 12 to Midnight wrote horror adventures originally for Modern D20 and later Savage Worlds. Most of the horror took place in an east Texas town the gang created called...