Three Going on Four

So, Chupacabracon 3 is done, and has been for a couple of months at this point. But, that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work for Chupacabracon 4. Chango and crew have already been working on securing dates and a venue for 2017.

2016 was a success. Sure we had our challenges, but we always will. Rest assured, we heard all of your feedback and listened to your concerns. So 2017 will be that much better. So, what are we working on?

Website changes and improvements are a top priority. We are keeping this site but making some significant improvements. For some of you who like Warhorn we are looking at what we can do to leverage that for the Pathfinder and the D&D 5e organized play. It is not going to work for the rest of the con, however. No promises, but we're looking at possibilities.

Registration could have been better and game registration could also have been a lot better. In terms of event registration, we had a critical database issue we are working with our host to fix. This issue effected the core automation system, which meand everything the site was supposed to handle automagically, had to be done manually by our board members. So, yeah, fixing that.

For all you GMs out there, we are adding game capacity to the session itself. Table capacity is still a thing, but that will mostly be used to help us put you at the right sized table.

We will be working on getting the pick-up game system working. This will allow folks to post pickup games on the fly, at the event, and allow attendees to sign up. It won't have a table selection mechanism, so we'll need to work that out.

There are a few other site features we're working on that we are very excited about. More will be announced about that as we finalize those details. Stay tuned.

Beyond the web site we are working on other improvements. A few areas we fell short were the board gaming and the indy gamer developer area. We will be working much more closely with these communities to determine what we can do better for them.

We will be trying something different with the GM signups this year as well. One of the recurring complaints we received had to do with how late the schedule was up. A lot of this just had to do with when we got the games from the GMs and special guests. We will be working harder to get these in and up in a more timely manner this year. One of the things we're looking at doing is having a cut-off for free GM entry. This means to get the free pass for GMing you will need to be registered and games submitted before the cut-off. We'll still except GMs after that, but there will be entry fees if you miss the deadlne. And those fees will likely go up the closer we get to the date. Details are still being worked out.

There are a lot of other improvements on the way and we will announce more as we get closer to the date (which will also be announced as soon as we lock down the venue).

On a final note, we are working putting together a Kickstarter to help raise the capital needed for pre-con expenses and to help get the word out. Stay tuned for more information on that as well.

Until next time, keep gaming.