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Freelance Author and Gamemaster At Large
High Rock Press

Michael Satran has been gaming since 1979, and running his Champions / Hero System universe since 1987.  A graduate of Rutgers University, with a master’s degree in English from the University of Rhode Island, he is currently working on The Imperial Throne, an evil chinese secret organization supplement for Champions and an urban fantasy novel series featuring Alice in Wonderland characters. Journey to the Center of the Earth is in layout at this time.

His Champions universe, Legacies, currently contains more than 100 player character superheroes, untold numbers of supervillians, and a backstory that starts before World War II and threatens the peace and security of Earth into the future.

His first novel, Hellbow Rune, can be purchased on Amazon.com, and features a dark fairy tale where the wrong girl goes to the wrong world and meets the wrong people and creatures.

Mr. Satran has written several supplements for Champions, including Foxbat for President, Imaginary Friends, and King of the Mountain

Michael can be reached at championsguru@gmail.com

Games, Novels, Semiotics and Critical Philosophy, Film, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Food (Let's not forget food), Cats (I have a Great Orange Overlord who lives in my house who I pay rent to).
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