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Brand Manager, Lead Designer and Writer
Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Sean Patrick Fannon (aka "Big Irish" or SPF) has been professionally involved in tabletop RPGs, computer games, and entertainment for over a quarter-century. His dozens of projects have included Hero Games' Champions product line; both West End's and Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPGs; various World of Darkness books; and the Savage Worlds Epic High Fantasy setting, Shaintar. 


He was the Events Coordinator for GAMA (helping run both Origins and GTS), and chronicled the entire roleplaying game hobby and industry in The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible, which sold over 10,000 copies. He worked for DriveThruRPG & RPGNow as the Marketing and Communications Director; during that period, he helped coordinate massive charity and relief efforts for folks like Doctors Without Borders and Feeding America, leveraging the RPG community's generosity. He continues that tradition as a member of the Board of Directors for the RPG Creators Relief Fund.


Sean now focuses on his own gaming company, Evil Beagle Games ("Bad Dog. Good Games"), as well as serving as the Brand Manager for the Savage Rifts line. He's working directly with Pinnacle Entertainment and Palladium Books to create an entire line of books to bring the classic Rifts setting to Savage Worlds fans, which he says is his most challenging design project ever. He's also working on the official Savage Worlds setting book for Freedom Squadron, a love letter to G.I. Joe based on the VENOM Assault board game from Spyglass Games. He's also well underway with Modern Gods, a setting for the upcoming Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition (a superhero game system he co-designed with Len Pimentel).


You can follow his Pick of the Day - a daily showcase of both popular and hidden gem game products - at He also has a very active Patreon where folks are directly involved in his Freedom Squadron and Modern Gods projects -

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