January 9-11,2015
Norris Conference Center
2525 West Anderson Ln #365
Austin, TX 78757

  • ChupacabraCon Welcomes Dragon’s Lair!
  • Guest: Steven S. Long
  • Guest: Kenneth Hite
  • Guest: Shawn Carman
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  • ChupacabraCon I in Review


ChupacabraCon is a gaming convention featuring RPG, tabletop, board and card games, coming January 9-11,2015 to the Norris Conference Center, 2525 West Anderson Ln #365, Austin, TX 78757.  GMs and Volunteers get in free! IWEBIX Webdesign


ChupacabraCon is the brainchild of a group of RPG gamers in Austin, Texas.  The convention benefits nonprofit  Austin Creative Pathways whose mission is to inspire and prepare youth for careers in the roleplaying, table top and video game industries through technology, writing and visual arts education. ChupacabraCon is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. [...]